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The collaboration with Hendrik is a lot of fun. He is a professional and understands what is needed. His work is outstanding.– Paul Seemann, Sales Coach and Consultant @ Paul Seemann

Case Study: Paul Seemann


One day Paul came to me and told me about his new business plans and what he wants to do in the near future. He requested a simple logo from me to start out with. When we sat down together to talk about the logo and his requirements he showed some examples that he liked a lot and also told be to combine the idea of a professional look including some craziness of his thinking.

Of course the logo wasn’t enough. Later on followed the request for a letterhead, ebook design and a stamp. Which he all received. But of course he also needed a website present his work, services and himself.

Two variations of the final logo
Two variations of the final logo.

Approach & Solution

After already being in the process for the stationary design I quickly came to the first ideas for the website. We had a small meeting to discuss the content of the microsite consisting of him and the work he had already done for several clients. Together we planned what information is necessary to be provided to the user and quickly draw the first wireframes where basically only two were required because I was planning a front page to tease the case studies in an overview and the the second one for the case studies itself. All other subpages (contact, legal, etc.) will get the same template as the case studies.

First wireframe explanation on a whiteboard
First wireframe explanation on a whiteboard.

Because of the website not being a stand alone acquisition tool I decided that a “welcome blurb” right in the starting viewport wasn’t necessary. About 90% of the users visiting the website will be already introduced to Paul in person or via mail and phone. That way I can use the whole viewport as a trusting building point with big testimonials of partners and clients. With this clarified from the beginning I build the first design step that went online.

Current state of the website
Current state of the website (home - case study - contact).

After the launch we tested the site with 4 test persons to find out what works and what doesn’t. I found out that the trusting point works fine but 3 out of 4 people didn’t know who Paul was. This underlined my theory that 90% of the people will already know Paul in the first place. But what was is really missing is a automated rotation of the testimonial slider which will be added in the future.

Further insight into the testing are:

– What is Pauls Value Proposition?

– What is the value of Pauls work or what benefit does he give the client?

– What is the expected outcome of his work?

– How does Paul want to position himself on the market (Trainer, Consultant, Agency, …)?

– How is Paul different to others? What does he different than the current team?

– This mini site without deep going links still needs more navigation/menu.

Outcome & Conclusion

Paul is a really patient client and loves improvements on every step. Being passionate about my work and the users I also strive for the better. The user testing gave me a lot of insight also on a small project. This way I can work even more on the website and improve Pauls portfolio for a better client acquisition. The next design step will include all the insights of the first user testing. Therefore I will include a “About Paul” section on the front page and paragraphs about his work and its benefits. Also a small menu will be added into the websites header.

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