The collaboration with Hendrik is a lot of fun. He is a professional and understands what is needed. His work is outstanding.

– Paul Seemann, Sales Coach and Consultant @ Paul Seemann


One day Paul came to me and told me about his new business plans and what he wants to do in the near future. He requested a simple logo from me to start out with. When we sat down together to talk about the logo and his requirements he showed some examples that he liked a lot and also told be to combine the idea of a professional look including some craziness of his thinking.

I came up with several mockups for a logo in a fast time because I already had something drawn in my mind. After another meeting we had the final logo for him. The logo mark shows his initials that are surrounded by a simple circle which represents the normal thinking in his industry. Because of Pauls different thinking and view on things he always breaks out of the normal process and I adapted that behaviour into to logo by letting the letters reach over the circle and show the “out of the box”-thinking.

Small selection of the first logo mockups.
Final logo presentation.

Letterhead, ebookdesign, stamp

After getting numerous positive feedback from friends and clients for the logo Paul came back to me and asked for templates, business cards and a letterhead to write professional quotes to a client. I stared with the letterhead and drew a quick sketch of what I had in mind. Again Paul instantly liked the idea and I could begin to build a pages-Template for him to use. The eBook template is still in work and will be finished together with the implementation of the content.

For his business cards we planned something special. Instead of only doing standard cards that everyone uses we decided to put together a stamp to stamp it on each card and write his contact details like mail address and phone number by hand. So people get the personal touch Paul always prefers to drive a good connection and experience for the contact.

Letterhead for letters and invoices.
Stamp for personalised business cards.

Information Architecture & Wireframing

While working further on the eBook template, he also needed to have a minimalistic website to showcase his work he has already done for several clients. Together we planned what information is necessary to be provided to the user and quickly draw the first wireframes where basically only two were required because we have a front page to show case everything as an overview. The second one is for the case studies itself.

In order to the use case of the website I decided that a “welcome blurb” right in the starting viewport isn’t necessary because the website will be visited by 90% of users that are already introduced to Paul. That way I can use the whole viewport as a trusting point with big testimonial of partners and clients.

Quick and easy meeting results with Paul.

UI Design

The fundamental design elements should be also as minimalistic as they could be to match the purpose of the website itself. Therefore the design consists manly of text paragraphs and CTAs. Deep going elements can only be found in the teaser images for the case studies or within the header section of the website itself.

The responsive website was developed by me as well using WordPress in combination with a visual composer to make the content management even easier for Paul.

The website can be viewed on

Screendesign process done in Adobe XD.