Working with Hendrik is always a pleasure and highly successful. We appreciate his technical background and his way to work out solutions that fit perfectly.

– Marcel Trotzek, Co-Founder @ RTG Portale

Happy clients are ongoing clients

Before working on their own website I was working with RTG Portale together on one of their client projects. Given that they and their client were completely happy with the results they decided to hand their own website over to me too.

Mini style guide for the design system.

UI Design (responsive)

The first design I build was a bit too modern and crazy for the client. But after the first feedback I thought that I fully understood what they needed. Right after that I sent them several variations of mockups. Later we came down to the idea to take patterns from each mockup and combine them in one final design. Afterwards the client was quickly satisfied and the design finalised.

Overview off different design stages.

Development Consulting (QA)

RTG Portale have done the development of my design by their on. Based on a Liferay Portal it was quickly build together and I helped on with style fixes and feedback. After a fast sprint over one and a half weeks the website was done and ready to launch. Till now they received a lot of positive feedback and a cooperations is secure.

The final project can be viewed on

Finale website developed in a liferay portal.