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Working with Hendrik is always a pleasure and highly successful. We appreciate his technical background and his way to work out solutions that fit perfectly.– Marcel Trotzek, Co-Founder @ RTG Portale

Case Study: RTG-Portale


RTG Portale is a development company based in Dortmund, Germany. While working for them on a client project we started considering redoing their own website on the fly. Because of an outdated web design the company wasn’t happy with providing information over on that channel. After the main project their client was very satisfied with my work. Therefore they hired me again for their own public appearance.

Approach & Solution

Before going deeper into the actual design work I analysed what the old website is doing right. The experience was off and the design more than outdated. Equally the code wasn’t modern and didn’t show what they are actually capable of. However the information architecture of the whole website was quite good and left it as it was.

Right after analysing I started some wireframes and build a mini design system for the website and communicated it to the Marcel – my contact person @ RTG – to get feedback before working on the actual design. The design system was a rudimental style guide build together out of color variations and font choices. The font “Myriad Pro" was derived from the existing logo as well as the colors. I added the blue as a complementary contrast of the orange and to give the website a more modern and tech-savvy touch.

First mini design system with color & font definitions
First mini design system with color & font definitions.

Because they aren’t allowed to show case studies on their website due to working mostly under NDAs I came around to find a way to at least show what they did for the customer with introducing the clients in a small card with a little text on what they did without going into detail.

Card view for client work
Card view for client work.

The original design concept felt too modern for the client. Because of working with mostly conservative customers they feared that the design was too innovative to understand for the target audience. Thus we had a talk about all the designs provided by me over Skype and figured out a solution together. Afterwards I implemented the given feedback in my next design step and developed a design proposal that contained ideas of all the earlier design steps. With this I already came to the final design solution for the website.

Two design steps that were included in the final layout
Two design steps that were included in the final layout.

RTG Portale have done the development of my design by their own. Based on a Liferay Portal it was quickly build together and I helped on with style fixes and feedback. After a fast sprint over one and a half weeks the website was done and ready to launch.

Outcome & Conclusion

Till now they received a lot of positive feedback and a cooperation between the client and me is secure. The final design can be viewed on www.rtg-portale.de/en/

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