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The process

In the first place I will schedule a call or personal meeting with you. At this conversation we will lay the foundation before coming down to the actual look of your product. We will get to know each other and you can tell me everything about you, your team, your product and your users. In that way I will get a feel for your environment and requirements.

Thereafter I give you a quote with defined steps and which actions I need to take. A typical process will start with a user research or defining the target group together with you. I will begin to sketch wireframes which will be discussed with you and tested in a prototype. The feedback from you and the tests will be implemented into the wireframes and then I will define the actual design of the product. From this point I am conducting another test round with the designed prototype. The feedback will once again be implemented into the product to polish and finish it.

In each step you have full say and we will work hand in hand to reach the best result possible.

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