In Hendrik we found a reliable and professional partner. It’s awesome to work together with him while always seeing a smile on his face.

– Emanuel Grigorescu, Marketing Manager & Co-Founder @ BLACKFLAGSHIP Markenagentur

Case Study: BLACKFLAGSHIP Markenagentur

My Tasks: Wireframes, Consulting, Interface Design, WordPress Development, Working with luxury brands


The website of the brand agency BLACKFLAGSHIP is outdated and doesn’t represent the image that company stands for. The potential customers can’t find the information they are searching for because there aren’t any information about the agency itself and their services. The portfolio was is only shown with a few pictures without description. Therefore the old website seems like a lookbook without personality and further descriptions.

Approach & Solution

Together with the CEO and the Creative Director I analysed the old website and looked further into it to reveal what the site does good. We quickly came to the decision to not use any patterns or content from the old state. What was really needed is a complete website reboot from scratch. By analysing different agencies in the same segment of the market we came down to the first ideas and wireframes which were roughly sketched by me in the first meeting. With these I could achieve first data from the users I tested them with.


BLACKFLAGSHIP is a agency focused on premium and luxury brands. That given the website needed to reflect that image and standing to its existing and new customers. So I offered the option to show a bit more of a classy and high reliable webdesign. While in the first meeting was said that the site should be white so the black and dark content teaser (product shots) are in a better contrast we took a look at the Apple website with the new JetBlack iPhone 7 (meeting was in late 2016) to show to the client that black on black can work very well and also seems more serious than a classic white website and also more interesting to the user.

The first mockups therefore were shown in three different color variations. The original beige and grey were ditched given by my feedback that a even darker grey would suite better for the combination on the content and the gold highlights.


I quickly came to the final design solution and started the development for the Wordpress theme. Within that process several little testings and changes were made to the final design to optimise it.

Outcome & Conclusion


After only a few correction loops the website was done and went live. We are currently still working on the website and updating it part by part with a better experience that we develop from the feedback we got from the customers. Therefore the case studies will be updated on a regular basis and the landing page will be optimised for a faster finding of the needed information. Also the client is happy to have me on board for future projects.

After this project I work as a partner for BLACKFLAGSHIP in handling interface designs for landing pages and the programming parts. Building pitch decks, print products, etc. for clients like Degussa Goldhandel, Montblanc, Sennheiser, Infiniti, Viakoro, Mercedes-Benz-Arena and more.

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