Born and raised in northern Germany.
Living in Berlin since 2011.


Hi :)

I'm Hendrik, an Interface Designer inspired by people and minimalism. I currently work at Yara International and create sustainable AgTech products for web and mobile.

I am a self-taught Product Designer with a focus on Design Systems and Usability. Before I began designing product systems, I visited a technical high school where I learned server administration and programming skills in Java. I took on extra-curricular, voluntary roles in the gaming industry (involving community teams patching games and caring for the community), mainly for the Gothic series and THQNordic. This work lasted for over a decade.

In 2011 I accepted my first design job in a digital agency in Berlin. A year later, I started on my university journey, studying print and media technology (B.Eng) at Beuth University of Applied Sciences. Alongside studying, I attracted my first clients and became a licensed instructor (IHK AEVO). I graduated in 2016, having written my thesis on User Experience and Usability.

Since then, I have been working as a freelancer and consultant. In 2019 I joined Yara International as a full-time Senior Product Designer to support their mission in responsibly feeding the world and haven't looked back.

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